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Eva Air

Eva Air je taiwanská letecká společnost založená v roce 1989. V současné době provozuje lety do 40 destinací v Asii, Evropě, Severní Americe a Oceánii. Nejbližším letištěm, odkud je z Česka možné s Eva Air odcestovat je Vídeň.

Eva Air disponuje flotilou čítající 50 letadel Airbus, Boeing a McDonnell.

Domovským letištěm společnosti Eva Air je Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

Eva Air Airways Corp.

Chairman and founder Dr. Chang Yung-Fa formed EVA Air in March 1989, lifting the impeccable transportation heritage and tradition of quality service long established by container-shipping leader Evergreen Marine Corporation to new heights. Within a few months, he had placed an order with the Boeing Company and McDonnell Douglas for 26 aircraft at a purchase value of US$3.6 billion, a move that immediately got the attention of the global aviation market.

Spreading Wings, Transforming Dreams

EVA Air had lofty goals when it made its maiden flight on July 1, 1991. Today, we fly to more than 40 destinations on four continents, including Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America. In addition, carefully developed alliances with major carriers worldwide give EVA Air a far-reaching service network that benefits both passenger and cargo customers.

The Global Future

With the 2002 debut of the slogan, the EVA Air mission to provide professional and sincere services has been refined to include treating our passengers like family. We do our utmost to ensure that everyone onboard EVA is comfortable and relaxed, and feels at home.

The EVA Air fleet in 2005 includes 8 brand-new Airbus A330–200s and for long-haul flights, 2 advanced Boeing 777s. The next generation B777s will be the backbone of the EVA Air fleet for the coming decade. This fleet of aircraft marks a new era for the EVA inflight experience, offering upgraded cabin classes, interiors outfitted throughout with leading-edge systems and the highest standards in service quality. EVA Air is soaring to greater heights to give international customers quality services that exceed expectations.

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